Acoustics ABCs

What is Sound Masking?

Sound masking is a low-level, broadband sound precisely contoured to mask (cover up) unwanted background noise and speech intelligibility. Unlike its synonym "white noise," this custom tailored sound is introduced into the office environment through a sound masking system. Similar to a public address or paging system, it is inconspicuously located above the ceiling or under a raised floor system. Only through proper acoustical design can a sound masking system function effectively. The science of sound masking focuses on solving speech privacy problems when dealing with office acoustics and is a critical part of acoustical planning. CCR Associates is dedicated to providing cost-effective, single-source commercial sound masking and audio security solutions that improve speech privacy, confidentiality, and productivity.


A - Absorb unwanted information with a good acoustical ceiling

B - Block unwanted information with an effective barrier

C - Cover unwanted information with Sound Masking

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